Business Analytics

Business Analytics and Consulting Services

Dynamix Management Consultants have assisted companies of all sizes in achieving a next level of organization and profitability across a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and product development to financial services and human resources. Such extensive experience allows Dynamix to provide premium quality business consulting and business analytics services to a wide variety of industries.

Customized Business Analysis and Consulting

Dynamix is able to guide your organization throughout the process of planning, implementing, converting, and testing new ERP software. Our aim is to provide your company with a next level of organization and growth, and we do this by keeping a keen eye fixed on the intermediate and short-term future of your company. As such, we provide comprehensive business analytics and consulting services.

We will consult with the relevant members of your organization not only during the planning, implementation, and testing phases, but also after the new ERP software has been implemented in order to ensure that you are getting the most of your new software platform. We also offer a variety of business analytics services that will help you understand how to track the efficiency of the business systems we have established. With Dynamix, you can rest assure that you will not have to weather any portion of your company’s transition alone.

Business Systems Analysis

Business systems analysis is a critical component of the process that Dynamix Management Consultants undertakes to get to the heart of your organization’s most pressing needs. Before identifying and implementing the appropriate ERP software, it is of the utmost importance to identify where your company may be lacking in organization, the ability to plan for the future, and the competency to stay ahead of the competition. Our highly trained and experienced business consultants have decades of combined experience bringing a next level of organization and profitability to companies that span a wide range of industries.

What Does Business Systems Analysis Involve?

There are several key steps that are crucial to a successful business systems analysis initiative. The consultants at Dynamix are uniquely positioned to guide the process in several critical areas.

First, we help relevant players, whether employees or management, to identify both weaknesses and opportunities in regard to current software applications.

Second, we plan, develop, and implement individual software modules that support the overall enterprise goals of the organization.

Only then do we refine and implement a streamlined business systems approach that includes revamped ERP software to specifically address the most pressing needs of your unique business. Dynamix excels at the intersection of technology and business strategy. With the help of our experienced consultants you can have the peace of mind that you are taking all of the steps necessary to ensure the future growth and profitability of your company.

Process and Procedures Improvement

A thorough business systems analysis will reveal process and procedures improvement required across the organizational spectrum. Dynamix Management Consultants has helped companies of all sizes to achieve increased profitability through providing a thorough understanding of those processes and procedures. This in turn lends itself to the creating the greatest opportunities for sustainable growth into the future.

Understanding Process and Procedures Improvement

Dynamix offers comprehensive business consulting and analytics services. One of the key components of these services is identifying where your company’s internal processes and procedures can be improved and streamlined for optimal growth and organization.

In regard to business processes, we help you to identify the roles and responsibilities of key players within the context of each business process, converting menial tasks from labour intensive solutions to electronic alternatives. Then, we implement the appropriate tools and software applications to aid these individuals in performing given tasks to the highest level and with the most streamlined approach. Finally, we establish the methods and overarching procedures that establish a clearly delineated roadmap for actually carrying out each task.

We also help to define the relationships and integrate the individual processes that make up your organization’s new approach to achieving growth and profitability. The result is that you will have a firm grasp on how your company’s internal systems are affecting day-to-day activities as well as an increased understanding of how to improve them on the fly. Implementing internal control over your processes is critical to assuming and maintaining control over your organization’s efficiency and thus profitability.

Full Cycle System Development

Dynamix Management Consultants is there with you every step of the way, from planning for new ERP software to implementing, testing, and training to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Whether you intend to keep a portion of your existing internal business systems, or rather plan to implement a brand new approach, we are the experienced professionals you can trust to manage the full cycle system development through from start to finish.

Full Cycle System Development for Your Business

Dynamix has the experience it takes to provide full system development for your business. Full cycle system development simply refers to the entirety of the process involved with identifying, implementing, and testing the optimal software and business processes for your particular organization. There is no substitute for a qualified and experienced professional when it comes to thorough system development for your company. Dynamix will guide you through the various steps, from planning, analysis, and systems design to ERP software implementation, testing, and maintenance. Full cycle system development by Dynamix allows your company to run leaner and more efficiently than ever before.

Professional Business SWOT Analysis

A professional and comprehensive SWOT analysis is of critical importance to any organization that wishes not only to stay aware of the progress of their competitors, but also to gauge their own individual progress and growth potential in relationship to the competition. A thorough SWOT analysis allows companies to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats inherent in any particular industry. This level of organization is necessary for any company that is serious about staying one step ahead of the competition. It is also an invaluable tool that enables planning for sustained growth and profitability down the road by identifying and managing risk.

Does My Company Need to Perform a SWOT Analysis?

Companies of all sizes can benefit significantly from performing a SWOT analysis. The key is to understand just how to go about doing this. Too often companies, both large and small, fall into the trap of presuming that the metrics of their company are static – even though their size and the industry they operate in is in constant flux. As these changes occur, so do the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats relevant to your company.

This is where Dynamix Management Consultants can help your company employ a professional SWOT analysis that will pay immediate dividends. We will guide you in identifying the aspects of your organization that represents your greatest strengths. This analysis will inform our collective identification of areas of weakness that need to be improved. Then, we offer professional business consulting services that will help you identify opportunities and mitigate threats and risks that might jeopardize your company from realizing its fullest potential. Finally, we will help implement the internal controls required to allow you to control and minimize the risks your organization faces.